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An International Technology and Business Consultation Firm
Bio, Medical, and Healthcare Sciences

Updated 7-05-2008
ADDRESS: Momijigaoka 1-27-14, Fuchu, Tokyo 183-0004, Japan
PHONE: +81-42-358-6031
FAX: +81-50-3588-6071
E-MAIL: Information     Tatsuzo Ishigami, Ph.D.


STI International, Inc. (STII) is a leading international consultation firm specializing in life sciences, biotechnology, medical science, and the healthcare field.  STII effectively promotes the strategic business development goals of its client companies worldwide.  STII focuses primarily on the biomedical area including biotechnology, life sciences, medical science, healthcare, and Medical Informatics. In addition, consultation services are also offered to food and foodstuff industries.  By the combination of skilled consultants and excellent partners in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Japan, STII provides highly efficient services to its clients.


STI International, Inc. (STII) offers consultation services to U.S. and European biomedical or life sciences companies seeking business opportunity in Japan and Asia.  STII also assists Japanese companies in finding strategic partners in the U.S., Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions.  STII also assists clients in accelerating business/product development efforts in Japan and the Far East

STII promotes international business alliance such as US - Japan, ECU - Japan, and Asia ? Japan. The major business areas that STII is involved in are Biotechnology, Medical Science, Healthcare, Medial Informatics, and Bio Informatics. STII can also support the clients' import/export businesses and provide intellectual property management services.

STII also acts as a consultant for corporate executives and other key personnel at client firms assisting them in the decision making process in business development and strategic partnering activities.

STII's staffs have strong backgrounds in business development, and medical and biotechnology, gained by academic knowledge or extensive work experience. Bilingual consultants understand differences between business culture and styles in the U.S., Europe, and Asian countries, and can act as the liaison between cultures for their clients.

STII maintains strong relationships with companies, regulatory authorities, academia, and hospitals in Japan. STII developed tight links to many companies around the world in the life sciences and the biomedical fields.

Tatsuzo Ishigami, Ph.D., FACB,
President & CEO, Specialty in biotechnology and medical sciences
Kenji Umehara, Executive Director, Specialty in polymer
Hitomi Ishigami, Executive Director, Specialty in food and foodstuff

BioMed Capital Group Ltd.:

Mitchell D. Cohen, Partner BioMed Capital Group Ltd. (U.S.A.)
Daniel W. Kollin, Partner, BioMed Capital Group Ltd. (U.S.A.)
Management Consulting Merx-MCM GmbH:
Manfred L. Merx, President & CEO, Management Consulting Merx - MCM GmbH (Germany)
Dr. Wittmann Expert Services & LTEC Expert Services GmbH & Poolstart in Germany GmbH
Dr. Wilfried Wittmann, Life Sciences & Technologies (Germany)

Established as Umehara, Inc. on July 1984 in Tokyo
Corporate Name changed to STI International, Inc. on January 1998

International and Domestic Business Consulting Services:
For Life Science and Medical Industries
・Corporate partnering
・Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
・Technology transfer (Licensing) and patent management
・Product distribution (Development of marketing and sales channels)
・Import/Export and OEM manufacturing arrangement
・Business start-up in Japan (Alliances, JV's, subsidiaries, etc.)
・Finance from Japanese and Asian venture capital companies
・Strategic planning and profiling (corporate strategy, marketing strategy, etc.)
・Collaborative R&D arrangements
・Regulatory consultation (Liaison to regulatory authorities and CRO's)
・Liaison to the Japanese medical professions

Technical and Scientific Consultation Services: For Industries and Venture Capitals

・Technology and product assessment
・Market research and analysis
・Discovery of advanced technology and innovative products (Information services)
・Technical and legal translations
・Patent (Intellectual Property) management

Venture Business Support Services:For Start-up Companies and Scientific Inventors

・Support to start-up venture funded companies
・Patent management
・Technology transfer (License in and out)
・Find venture capital and private investors

Investment Related Services: For Venture Capital and Private Investors

・Technology evaluation and assessment
・Product analysis and market potential surveys
・Business plan evaluation
・Support for Fund raising

・Biotechnology and Bioengineering
・Innovative medical technology
・Advanced therapeutic technology (Gene therapy, Cell therapy, etc.)
・Medical products (Pharmaceuticals, Instruments, Devices, & Supplies)
・In Vivo & In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)
・Healthcare Services
・Nutrition and Nutraceuticals
・Clinical laboratory services (Reference laboratories)
・Research Products (Reagents, Instruments, & Supplies)
・Contract Research Services
・Medical Information Technology (IT) and e-Health
・Bio informatics

・Food and Foodstuff


・Japan, Asia, U.S.A., and Europe

's greatest asset is the comprehensive network the company has established around the world. Through these strong relationships with these partners and collaborating companies, STII can provide excellent and sophisticated services to its clients.
STII's Global Network
International Bio Consulting Alliance (IBCA)

The following three consultation firms, located in the U.S., Germany, and Japan respectively, work closely.
The International Bio Consulting Alliance (IBCA) provides high quality and global services to their clients in the biomedical businesses.

Japan: STI International, Inc. Tokyo, Japan
U.S.A.: BioMed Capital Group Ltd. New Jersey, U.S.A.
Europe: Management Consulting Merx, GmbH Munich, Germany
Europe: Dr. Wittmann Expert Services Mainz, Germany
  & LTEC Expert Services GmbH
& Poolstart in Germany GmbH
Mainz, Germany

has relationships with the following firms to promote projects collaboratively. By organizing the project-to-project task force with these firms, STII can provide the most effective consultation services to its clients.


Watervein Partners, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan): Venture Capital in Bio
Obara Consulting & Associates (OCA) (Tokyo, Japan): Biomedical consulting
Sasajima International, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan): Biomedical consulting
Mizuno International Patent Attorney Office (Tokyo, Japan): Patent management
Muramatsu & Associates (Tokyo, Japan): Consulting in diagnostics
IK Consulting, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan): Trading and distribution of food and foodstuff


Beijing ConsulTech (Beijing, China): Biomedical consulting
China League Biotechnology Associates Ltd. (CLBA) (Taipei, Taiwan): Biomedical consulting

BioMed Capital Group Ltd. (Fairfield, New Jersey, U.S.A.): Biomedical consulting
Great Circle Consulting Group, Inc. (Palos Verdes (Los Angeles), CA, U.S.A.): Biomedical consulting
Nakao International Consulting & Enterprises (San Diego, CA, U.S.A.): Trading and consultation
Scherago International, Inc. (New York, NY, U.S.A.): Exhibition and advertisement (AACC, etc.)

Dr. Wittmann Expert Services& LTEC Expert Services GmbH & Poolstart in Germany GmbH
Management Consulting Merx, GmbH (Martinsried (Munich), Germany): Biomedical consulting

Tatsuzo Ishigami, Ph.D., FACB
Specialty in Bio and Medical Consultation
Tatsuzo Ishigami, Ph.D. was borne in 1948. Dr. Ishigami graduated from National Nagoya University (Nagoya) in 1971 (the laboratory of the Nobel Prize winner Professor Ryoji Noyori), and studied at Sophia University's graduate school (Tokyo). He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from Sophia University in 1980.

He was the Assistant Professor of chemistry at Aoyama Gakuin University (Tokyo) from 1974 to 1977.  Until 1985, he worked for Bristol Myers Japan, Inc. (Tokyo) and took the positions of Associate Director, Biochemical Division and Director of the Central Laboratory. In 1985, he joined SRL, Inc. (Tokyo) [Special  Reference Laboratories, Inc.], the largest Japanese clinical reference laboratories. Dr. Ishigami held the positions of Associate Director of the Central Laboratories and Executive Director of Technology and Product Development, Executive Director of Strategic Business Development, and etc. He was elected to the Board of  Directors of SRL in 1991.
In 1997, he had established CLONTECH Laboratories Japan Ltd., a subsidiary of the Californian company.

Dr. Ishigami was a member of the Japan Radio Isotope Association's In Vitro Test Specialists Ad Hoc Committee (1980-1988), the Medical Informatics Ad Hoc Committee of NACB/AACC (1996 - President), and the Drafting Committee of Guideline for Gene and Cellular Therapy Implementation at the Japan Health Science Foundation on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Welfare (1986-1987).
He was on the Editorial Board of the journal, Medicine and Computer (1994 - 1997). He is actively involved in the start-up of many Bio Venture Businesses and has extensive experience, knowledge, and skills in this setting.

Dr. Ishigami belongs to numerous professional societies and organizations as follows:
American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)
・National Academy of Clinical Biochemistry (NACB)
・New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS)
・American Association for Advanced Sciences (AAAS)
・American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ)
・Clinical Laboratory Management Association (CLMA)
・Japan Society of Clinical Laboratory Medicine (JSCLM)
・Japan Endocrine Society (JES)
・Japan Society for Bone and Mineral Metabolism (JSBMM)

Kenji Umehara
Specialty in Polymer Chemistry
Kenji Umehara graduated from the Engineering Department of National Chiba University (Chiba) and had been working for many years with Seibu Polymer Chemicals, Ltd. (Tokyo) as the corporate officer in charge of Technology, Marketing, and International Business. He has strong personal network in the industry and with regulatory authorities. He founded STII (Umehara, Inc.) in 1984. He is STII's specialist in Polymer Chemistry.

Hitomi Ishigami
Specialty in Food and Foodstuff Consultation
Hitomi Ishigami graduated from Jissen Women's University (Tokyo) and has many years of experience in food and foodstuff businesses. She currently working as a food coordinator and cooking consultant in the industry. At STII, she is directing the consultation services for food and foodstuff industries.

CONSULTANTS in Bio and Medical Field:  

Mitchell D. Cohen: US Office (BioMed Capital Group)
Specialty in Bio and Medical Consultation
Mr. Cohen has twenty-five years experience in all phases of strategic planning and marketing in the biomedical field, with particular expertise in the Far East markets. Mr. Cohen travels to Japan regularly for Japanese, North American and European clients. Prior to establishing his predecessor consulting firm, Mr. Cohen was chief operating officer of Immunomedics, a successful biotechnology company in the immunodiagnostic field. He has held positions in general management, sales and marketing with Technicon Instruments Corp., Corning Medical Products and Abbott Laboratories, Abbott K.K. and Dainabot (both in Tokyo, Japan). Mr. Cohen graduated from Boston University with a degree in biochemistry, and speaks Japanese.

Daniel W. Kollin: US Office (BioMed Capital Group)
Specialty in Bio and Medical Consultation
Mr. Kollin has over twenty years experience in investment banking, venture capital and corporate management, specializing in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare companies in North America and Europe. Mr. Kollin has been a Vice President of Prudential-Bache Capital Funding and Director of Corporate Finance and partner of Whale Securities Corp. Previously, he was an associate of the venture capital firm of Johnston Associates, Inc. Before his involvement in the financial services industry, Mr. Kollin held marketing, planning and development executive positions with Becton-Dickinson and Co. and Sandoz, Inc. Mr. Kollin has a bachelor degree from the City College of New York and an M.S. degree from Purdue University in chemical engineering; and an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Wilfried Wittmann, Ph.D.
: German Office (Dr. Wittmann Expert Services & LTEC Expert Services GmbH)
: In Bio and Medical Consultation
Dr. Wittmann has twenty five years of experience in sales and marketing of laboratory and biotechnology products and instruments. Prior to establishing his consulting firm he has held executive positions in Germany, Switzerland and in Japan. Dr. Wittmann is president of LTEC Expert Services GmbH (, a service provider to Bio and Medical companies which intend to establish or extend their business in Germany or other European countries. Dr. Wittmann holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology and was a scientist at the Max Planck-Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Gaetingen prior to his various assignments in the Life Science industry. 1998 he founded "Dr. Wittmann Expert Services Life Sciences & Technologies" and has executed a multitude of industry related projects, both as an industrial adviser for Venture Capital companies and on a direct contract basis for large- and small-cap companies of the healthcare industry.

Tadashi Obara, Ph.D
: Partner Consultant
Dr. Obara is a President of Office,O.C.A., Inc. that was established in 1995.
He had worked with Yamanouchi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. from 1971 to 1994 as a scientific attache of central research laboratories, a senior research scientist in the safety research institute, a director of cellular physiology research of central research laboratories, a scientific liaison in the licensing & planning division, and a director of diagnostic R&D division. He graduated from Tokyo University of Science (Pharmaceutical Science) in 1964 and from German Tubingen University (Physiological Chemistry) in 1968. He was granted doctorate degree on the research of viral oncology from Max-Planck Institute for Medical Virology in Germany in 1970. His academic career combined with the broad industrial experiences generated broad human networks in the domestic and international academic and business societies lending him an unique position in offering services to help identifying an appropriate partners and to create better mutual understandings in partnering between Japanese and foreign biomedical companies. Dr. Obara speaks fluent English and German.

Shinsaku Iida
: Partner Consultant
Mr. Iida has twenty-five years experience in diagnostics and research businesses. Mr. Iida is a president & CEO of Veritas Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) from 1998. He had worked with Veritas for 25 years as the member of board of the directors. Mr. Iida also has the expertise in the businesses relating to the environmental products and supplements through his management of business divisions at Veritas. He is taking a positions of a President at Nihon Dynal, Inc. (Micro beads, from 1989) and Vita, Inc. (Supplements, from 2001), and is a Director of Friends of Japan Leukemia Research Fund (from 1992). Mr. Iida graduated from Keio University with a degree in Economics, and speaks fluent English.

STII is an excellent partner for American and European companies seeking an opportunity to enter the Japanese market and to partner with a Japanese company. STII can also act as the liaison to the Japanese academia community and regulatory authorities.

During the project, STII continues to consult with its client to determine the critical pathways for successful business development. Market research, investigation of the most appropriate partners and documentation translations are all part of the services, which STII provides. STII will introduce the company, product, and/or  technology to the potential partners and perform the pre-negotiation. After narrowing down the list of possible partners, STII will arrange meetings between both parties and assist the client throughout the entire negotiation process.

After a successful project conclusion, STII will continue to follow-up with the client's new partner.

STII is The Discussion Partner, Planning Partner, and Action Partner
for Innovative Companies Seeking Successful Strategic Business Development in Japan

STII has successfully handled (or is handling) many exciting international and domestic projects. For reasons of confidentiality, we could not provide actual names of clients in most of the cases. The followings are the example of projects in the biomedical area.

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

・Strategic alliance of U.S. pharmaceutical start-up with Japanese pharmaceutical company:
        Innovative anti-inflammation and pain control drug by new formulation.
・Licensing and product distribution arrangement for U.S. pharmaceutical company in Japan:
        NaPro BioTherapeutics Inc.'s Anti-cancer drug Paclitaxel had been successfully licensed to Japan Chemical Research, Inc. (JCR) in June, 2001.
・U.S. distributor assignment for Japanese pharmaceutical company:
        Generic drug: anti-inflammation and pain control.
・Extensive market research for U.S. company on automated anesthesia instrumentation.
・Market research on new drugs for U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies:
        Drugs used in the areas of RA, Psoriasis, Heart failure, etc.
・Research on the Bio Informatics and DNA chips for Japanese clients.
・Strategic planning for a Japanese company to promote their new DNA Chip material
  and proprietary Ink Jet printing technology.

Diagnostics and Clinical Laboratory Instruments

・Strategic alliance of U.S. and Japanese diagnostic companies: Advanced pathology technology.
        Innovative 3-D imaging system in tissue pathology.
・Japanese distributor assignment for the Canadian diagnostic company:
        Innovative POCT products: Cardiac risk assessment and cancer detection.
・U.S. distributor assignment for the Japanese diagnostic company:
        ELISA kits for DM, RA, and Liver function.
・Distributor assignment for Japanese diagnostic instrument manufacturer in U.S., Europe, and Asia:
・Market research on diagnostic technology and products in Japanese market:
        Advanced molecular biological technology and molecular diagnostics instrument,
・Reported articles and research report on the Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) in many journals.
・Strategic planning for the Japanese electric company to promote their DNA chip multi scan technology in diagnostic application.

Finance and Start-up of Venture Company

・Fund raising for the U.S. pharmaceutical start-up that is developing anti-inflammation drug:
・Financing for Japanese medical informatics and bio informatics start-up.
・Start-up of Japanese venture firm in drug discovery (Effecter Cell Institute, Inc.).
・Start-up of Japanese genomic venture.

The Others

・Assignment of Japanese distributor for European research reagent manufacturer: monoclonal antibodies.
・Working as the Japanese agent of Scherago International for "AACC exhibition 2001".
・Evaluation of the technology and business scheme of start-up companies for the venture capitals.
List of CLIENTS (1998-2006)

Foreign Companies:

Abbott Laboratories, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Affymetrix, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Becton Dickinson and Company [U.S.A.]
Beijing Strong Biotechnologies, Inc. [China]
Biogen, Inc. [U.S.A.]
CaseBauer and Associates, LLC. [U.S.A.]
Clontech Laboratories, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Dade Behring, Inc. [U.S.A.]
DIMA Gesellschaft fuer Diagnostika mbH [Germany]
Easton Associates L.L.C.[U.S.A.]
Enterprize Analysis Corporation[U.S.A.]
Gerson Lehrman Group, Inc. [U.K.]
IBM Healthcare Consulting/The Wilkerson Group [U.S.A.]
IBM Deutschland GmbH, IBM Healthcare Consulting/TWG Munich [Germany]
Johnson & Johnson [U.S.A.]
Knoll Pharmaceutical [Germany]
NaPro BioTherapeutics, Inc. [U.S.A.] (Currently: Tapestry Pharmaceuticals Inc.)
Polymedco Inc. [U.S.A.]
Scherago International, Inc. [U.S.A.]
The TrueNorth Group [U.S.A.]

Foreign Start-Up Companies:
Cryo-Cell International, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Encapsulation Systems, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Galenica Pharmaceuticals, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Genomic Health, Inc. [U.S.A.]
IMI International Medical Innovations, Inc.
Lifecodes Corp. [U.S.A.]
MediVas, LLC. [U.S.A.]
NimbleGen Systems, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Omeros Medical Systems, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Oridion Medical Inc. [Israel & U.S.A.]
Resolution Sciences, Inc. [U.S.A.]
Veracel, Inc. [U.S.A.]
VRI BioMedical Pty Ltd. [Australia]

Foreign Organization:
American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) [U.S.A.]

Japanese Companies:
RPR GenCell, Inc. [Chiba]
Asahi Glass Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
Alfresa Pharma Corporation [Osaka] (Formerly: Azwell Inc.)
Aloka Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
A Humannet Inc. [Tokyo]
SRL, Inc. [Tokyo]
Orix M&A Solutions Corporation [Tokyo]
Clontech Laboratories Japan, Ltd. [Tokyo]
Sumitomo Life Insurance [Tokyo]
Sony Corporation [Tokyo]
Taisei Corporation [Tokyo]
Dainippon Ink Chemical Industries, Co. Ltd. [Chiba]
Tanabe Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. [Osaka]
Teijin Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
Nagase & Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
Japan Chemical Quality Assurance Ltd.
NeutriNova Japan, Inc. [Tokyo and Germany]
Fuji Chemical Industries Ltd. (Currently: Daiichi Fine Chemical Co. Ltd.) [Toyama]
Furuno Electric, Co.Ltd. [Hyogo]
Veritas Corporation [Tokyo]
Maeda Pharmaceutical Industries Co. Ltd. [Toyama]
Mitsubishi Corporation[Tokyo]
Mitsui & Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
Meiji Milk Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
Yano Research Institute, Inc. [Tokyo]
Yokogawa Electric Corporation [Tokyo]

Japanese Start-Up Companies:

Effector Cell Institute Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
GalPharma, Inc. [Takamatsu, Kagawa]
Sphingo Cluster Inc. (Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokkaido University)
Cell Signals, Inc. [Kanagawa]
Tierra, Inc. [Tokyo]
Nihon BioService, Inc. [Saitama]
NeuGene Pharma [Kanagawa]
Bio and Medical Informatics, Inc. [Tokyo]
HuBit Genomix, Inc. [Tokyo]

Venture Capitals(VCs):
Watervein Partners, Inc. [Tokyo]
CSK Venture Capital Co. Ltd. [Tokyo]
Mitsui & Co. Venture Partners [Tokyo and U.S.A.]
Encompass Ventures [U.S.A.]
NeoMed Management Jersey Limited [Norway/U.K.]
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